Founded by experts in animation, visual effects and the video game industries, ZeDrimeTim is a Parisian development studio whose first game “Darwin’s Paradox”, will be released on PC & Consoles in 2024.

Cinema and animation are increasingly using video game tools, such as Unreal Engine. The positioning of the studio is unique: bringing together the talents of cinema and video games.

Gilles AUJARD – President & Co-Creative Director

Designer and 3D graphic designer for 20 years, Gilles likes to link technique and art, and always finds a solution thanks to his mastery of software. After several awards in merchandising, he specializes in product design and visual communication for perfumery and luxury.
With an artistic background, Gilles has been especially passionate about video games and 3D since childhood. Through his technique and his spirit of synthesis, he masters all the creative phases necessary for a project like Darwin’s Paradox.

Mikael TANGUY – General Manager & Co-Creative Director

Director of Visual Effects for cinema, Mikael has collaborated with many visual effects studios such as DUBOI, DEF2SHOOT, ECLAIR vfx, and recently UMEDIA. His experience and mastery have enabled him for almost 20 years to work directly with directors that have won OSCAR, Golden Globes and CESARs, such as Roman Polanski, Brian de Palma, Jean Jacques Annaud, Nicolas Bedos, Alain Chabat, etc. .. He also won an AWARD: Best Visual Effects for the film BACURAU (Cannes Jury Prize 2019). Trained in 3D and 2D, he distinguished himself by his finishing skills.
Always a gamer, with an ability to bring together multiple specialties for a common artistic goal.

Cédric LAGARRIGUE – Associate & Business Director

Founder and Ex-president of the publisher Focus Home Interactive. In charge of editorial strategy for 20 years, Cédric has accompanied many studios such as Saber, Dontnod, Asobo, Giants Software, Cyanide, Spiders or Nadeo. These collaborations have enabled original titles, veritable bets on publishing such as Farming Simulator, Trackmania, A Plague Tale, Vampyr, Greedfall or even Mud Runner, to be released and become major successes in international video games. He has produced and published around a hundred video games, including around twenty million sellers on consoles and PC. Darwin’s Paradox is his latest crush.

Romuald CAPRON  – Associate & Executive Producer

Former director of Arkane in Lyon, Romuald has served as Studio Director and Executive Producer in video games for over 22 years.
Its expertise in production management and its quest for excellence have helped Arkane grow from a small independent studio to a renowned AAA studio through worldwide successes such as Dishonored or Deathloop which have received multiple awards and all sold millions of copies. In 2021, he decided to change his path, to put his skills and resources at the service of projects that inspire him, such as Darwin’s Paradox.